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Studio Grade A/D converter

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Use the PAD in your home studio, with your PC or home theater system!

  • Convert and record your analog sources onto CDs! The Professional Analog to Digital Converter is the ultimate addition to a digital recorder such as a CD burner. Use it to convert vinyl into 24bit / 96kHz digital audio.
  • Analog sources to your PC are hampered by noise and inferior ADC soundcard chips. The MSB PAD allows you to convert analog sources to a variety of noise resistant digital sampling rates for input to the digital sound card of your PC for the cleanest possible signals for recording, mixing and analysis software in your PC recording and mixing software!
  • The balanced inputs and output of this product grant it professional capabilities, making it a high performing and cost effective addition to any studio, large or small. Recording artists strive to capture the sound they create as accurately as possible.
  • Make a CD using the MSB A-to-D converter, and then one without. The difference is unmistakable!

The MSB Professional Analog to Digital Converter is optimized in every way possible to assure the very highest quality conversion. Each element of this piece is designed to enhance and support 24 bit, 96 kHz standards as well as 44.1, 48, and 88.2 kHz. The three analog inputs are selected from the front panel. They are mechanically switched for minimum cross-talk and degradation. Differential analog architecture is used with high-quality, high speed operational amplifiers for excellent noise rejection. DC servos maintain the offset voltage at fixed levels. Sampling frequency can also be selected from the front panel, allowing optimum recording on a range of media.

The MSB Professional Analog to Digital Converter uses the Crystal CS5396, one of the finest professional A-to-D chips available. By employing a 7th order tri-level delta-sigma modulator followed by digital filtering and decimation, a staggering 100 dB signal-to-noise ratio is attained. 24 bit resolution means that the MSB provides 256 times more resolution than a 16 bit A-to-D.

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Studio Grade A/D Converter.

Audio Director
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Automatic switcher and digitizer